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Products We Love! 

Our goal with these Products We love is to share things that we use which may help your health, too! We’ve done a lot of research to get this list together. Cutting Edge Health may receive commissions on some of the items in this curated directory. This doesn’t affect the price you’ll pay and in some cases we’ve secured a pricing discount for you. We use the proceeds to help offset the costs of this website and get the word out that cognitive decline can be prevented!


Methylene Blue from

Why I Use it: Methylene blue can bring oxygen to the brain’s mitochondria and in many cases it’s critically needed.

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Why We Love It – NOVOS Core is the only product on the market formulated to target the 10 of the root causes of aging. Enter JANE5 at checkout for $5 off. 

Brain Boosting Mushrooms

Why We Love It – Dr. Lisa Broyles recommends this Host Defense mushroom product in her Cutting Edge Health podcast interview, Brain Boosting Mushrooms.

Defender Shield

Why We Love It – This cell phone cover has 5G and EMF protection. I use this and so does The rest of my family.


Why We Love It – AWARD-WINNING – Two deep breaths of this topnotch nasal spray instantly provide protection for your airways that lasts up to 6 hours. That is why FEND has been recognized as one of TIME’s Best Inventions of 2020. It also received recognition from Fast Company for World Changing Idea of 2021 and Most Innovative Companies 2022.


Why We Love It – Podcast guest Dr. Christine Schaffner, a naturopathic physician and founder of Immanence Health in Seattle, offers products in her online store that align with her medical philosophy. I’ve used many of these in my healing journey. Enter JANE20 at checkout for 20% off. 

Bulletproof Brain Octane

Why We Love It – I’ve been taking this twice a day for several years. It

  • Rapidly and efficiently converts into brain-boosting, fat-burning ketone energy
  • Ketones power your brain and can’t be stored as fat, unlike carbs and sugar

New Zealand Collagen

Why We Love It – Two scoops a day of the New Zealand Collagen provides all the aminos one needs.  I’ve searched hard for a collagen that is 100% grass fed and this one is.  The cows graze all year on New Zealand pastures and are fed no grains.  I put it in my morning smoothie.  It mixes well and it has no taste.

Berkey Shower

Why We Love It – The Berkey shower filter reduces 98% of the chlorine and other contaminants. It’s important to shower in clean water as your pores are open in the hot water and who wants toxins!

Big Berkey Water Filter

Why We Love It – The Big Berkey has sat on our countertop for years providing our family with trusted clean water. It’s easy with no installation. There are seven different sizes to meet your needs.

B. Powered

Why We Love It – We love this company and their pesticide-free products. B.Powered helps with brain health,  the immune system and your energy level. I’d taken each ingredient–the bee pollen, propolis and royal jelly–separately and now it’s wonderful to find it in one tasty product. I put this in my morning smoothie.

TruAge Testing

Why We Love It – Are your current interventions making you younger?  Are you reverse aging? We’ve secured $50 off for your biological aging test with TruDiagnostic, if you use the link below. It’s automatically taken off
at checkout.


Why We Love It – Whether it’s skincare, brain support or digestive health, we’ve found the products formulated and sold through iPothecary consistently safe and effective.

Why We Love It – The Biosense Breath Ketone Monitor & Mobile App closes the feedback loop and is easy to use. This FDA class-1 medical device is backed by 2019 clinical trial.


Why We Love It – You’ll get meaningful info from your DNA with 23andMe. I recommend this one to get your genetics done. Save 10% when you click below.

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