Ridding the Pantry

A strategic lifestyle change you can make that won’t break the bank is cutting back on the carbs—especially breads, scones, pizza crust and anything else made with wheat flour.  Yea, all the good stuff! There is, also, a theory that one should cut back or eliminate grains altogether! 

Gluten Free

The gluten found in wheat is inflaming your body.  Reducing your bodily inflammation is important in Alzheimer’s prevention.  

A gluten-free diet used to be hard as there were no easy gluten-free bread alternatives at the grocery store, and you had to grind your own grains to create the gluten-free flour.  Now, though, nearly all grocery stores are well stocked with gluten-free options.  

Also, when you eat out you can usually find something on the menu that doesn’t have wheat flour.  It’s important to ask the wait staff, though.  Gluten can be an ingredient hidden in many things like soy sauce.  

The How Can It Be Gluten Free Cookbook published by America’s Test Kitchen has simple and delicious recipes.

Grain Free

David Perimutter, MD in his book, Grain Brain, goes even further than gluten free making the point to stay away from all grains not just wheat. He calls grains, sugar and carbs your brain’s silent killer. 

You could, also, think of the dietary shift away from grains as helping the earth since more than 15% of the world’s wheat is grown as a monoculture which is devastating to soil health and the environment.  

In addition, most farmers spray on herbicides like Roundup, a glyphosate-based herbicide, on their fields. As a result, glyphosate is a common toxicant found in the body.  I had a Great Plains Glyphosate Panel run and my levels of internal glyphosate were in the red initially. Why? Well, I’d eaten non-organic corn for years, as I grew up on an Iowa farm.  I helped my Dad pour Roundup into big tractor tanks, too, to spread on the fields. So, to detox it from my body I would sweat for only five minutes at a time in an infrared sauna using BioPure’s Cilantro Herbal Tincture to release the toxin and Cell Core’s HM-ET Binder to catch and bind it so it would be able to easily leave my body.  I did this sauna routine five days a week for nearly a year. It worked.  My next Glyphosate Panel showed my levels in the low range. 

Making this fundamental dietary change to a gluten-free or grain-free diet can create some tension with the rest of the family.  You’re lucky if you live in a supportive environment for dietary changes. It takes real commitment for this step and many of the people you’re closest to might make the choice not to join you.  It is possible, though, for one family member to go grain free, gluten free or both while the rest of the clan slathers butter on their morning toast.   

In the end they’ll likely appreciate you’re doing everything you can to prevent the cost and pain of full blown Alzheimer’s in your family’s future.