February Research Round-Up: Findings for Long, Healthy Lives


The number of Americans aged 100 or older is predicted to increase fourfold from 101,000 in 2024 to 422,000 in 2054. Currently, centenarians make up only 0.03% of the population, projected to reach 0.1% by 2054.

In case you missed this five-minute segment on CBS’s 60 Minutes: Dr. Ali Rezai, a pioneer in Alzheimer’s research, uses ultrasound to deliver treatment to Alzheimer’s patients. Clinical trials revealed a 50% reduction in beta-amyloid plaque, linked to cognitive impairment, offering hope for future Alzheimer’s therapies.

A recent study in the journal Immunity conducted at New York City’s Rockefeller University suggests that the APOE 4 genetic variant’s risk lies in its potential to exhaust the brain’s immune system.

And, finally, Fragrances Enhance Brain Function During Sleep: New Study Reveals Surprising Cognitive Boosts Through Aromas.


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