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Dr. Yoshi Rahm
with Jane Rogers

The benefits of Ozone and Methylene Blue, plus an easy structured water recipe.

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The interview with Dr. Yoshi Rahm on the Cutting Edge Health podcast covers topics on enhancing cognitive health. Dr. Rahm discusses his personal journey influenced by his family’s health issues and his integration of holistic practices into medicine. He delves into Extracorporeal Blood Oxygenation and Ozonation (EBOO) therapy for immune system boosting and reducing inflammation. Additionally, Dr. Rahm explains the use of methylene blue for cognitive improvement, its safe dosage, and potential side effects. He emphasizes the importance of lifestyle modifications, including diet, exercise, and community for overall cognitive health. The concept of structured water and its benefits for body energy and hydration is also discussed.

"You add just a dash of quality salt into filtered water. Then put it in a glass jar in the sunlight even just for a couple of minutes [up to] a half an hour. It's going to get chock full of photons. Then it's going to become structured. All of a sudden those H₂O [molecules] are stacked in a nice sequence. It's way more hydrating."
Dr. Yoshi Rahm

About Dr. Yoshi Rahm

Dr. Yoshi Rahm finds meaning and joy in ever learning to be present with himself and whomever he is with in the moment, especially with his family, friends, and patients.  Much of his life’s pursuits stem from growing up far outside of a small town in Northern California.  His simple upbringing, which included living without electricity, TV, or phone, gave him an early appreciation for healthy living.  The suffering of unwell family members was a big driver for Dr. Rahm to pursue healing in the form of becoming a family physician. 

After residency at Glendale Adventist Medical center, where he received the two highest distinctions: “Resident Teacher Award” as presented by the faculty and “Resident of the Year Award” as recognized by the staff, Dr. Rahm then went on to become an Attending Physician teaching at the same residency program and also founded Oasis Family Medicine. 

With the support of incredible team members at Oasis Family Medicine, they are able to serve people from around the globe who have a wide variety of medical conditions in a compassionate and effective manner, combining the best of allopathic western medicine in conjunction with an integrative and holistic healing approach.  He thrives on learning and then using that learning to teach others how to be their own greatest healers.


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