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Dr. Jeffrey Gladden
with Jane Rogers

Attitude and lifestyle have an impact, while new therapies and devices can also extend one’s life span.

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What You'll Learn in this Podcast

Dr. Jeffrey Gladden’s foremost ambition is to help people live well beyond 100 years. That goal also entails assuring that individuals who live to be 120 or 130 years keep active and in tiptop shape — both physically and mentally.

“Being in shape is being fast, agile, strong, quick, balanced, flexible with great cardiovascular endurance and good recovery,” he explains. “If you’re going to have that later in life, you’ve got to focus on all of those things.”

His medical program, Gladden Longevity, is engaged in working to realize those ambitions.

“We currently have a research protocol that’s in play for people to participate in, where that’s literally what we’re going for,” he says. “What we’re really going for is making 100 the new 30.”

While his program has therapies and devices that he says can help people achieve those objectives (though they can be costly), individuals can take direct action themselves to conquer the aging process. Rather than acquiescing to the traditional idea that aging means slowing down and losing impact, they can reject that belief and keep moving positively forward. Good sleep and eating habits, and remaining physically active, can contribute to that upward arc.

“If you’re asking questions,” he says, “that’s growth. If you’re stuck with your answers, that’s decline, quite honestly. Having a growth mindset is critical.”

Dr. Gladden’s strategy involves four interlacing “circles” – health, longevity, performance and life energy. He says people should approach these concepts exponentially rather than from a linear perspective.

“Instead of retiring, transition into something that you love, transition into something that you’re passionate about, because that will be life giving. That will keep you engaged, that will keep you asking questions. It’ll keep you growing instead of declining.”
Dr. Jeffrey Gladden

About Dr. Jeffrey Gladden

Dr. Jeffrey Gladden is the founder, medical director and CEO of Gladden Longevity, a Texas-based concierge medical program established to optimize individuals’ health and prolong their lives. Clients are given customized treatment plans configured to their own individual situations.

Dr. Gladden segued into his work in age management medicine, functional medicine and integrative medicine from his earlier career as a cardiologist — at least in part because he had witnessed his own healthy body and mind begin to slide downhill as he moved through middle age. d feel myself go over this cliff of depression.”

He received a bachelor of science degree in chemistry from Wheaton College in 1976. He went on to earn a doctor of medicine degree from Temple University Medical School in 1982 and a degree in internal medicine from Case Western Reserve University of Medicine in 1985. From 1985 through 1988 Dr. Gladden was part of the Interventional Cardiology Fellowship Program at the University of Colorado.

Besides his work at Gladden Longevity, he has spent the past decade as board chair, CEO and chief medical officer for product development at Scientia Cardio Access, a medical start-up in Salt Lake City that develops therapies and devices for medical interventional specialists.

He also has been, for the past 27 years, the CEO and president of Advanced Heart Care, a preventive diagnostic and interventional cardiology practice in Texas.


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