How To Tell If You Have The Alzheimer’s Gene and Why It’s Important

There are some genes that put you at higher risk of developing Alzheimer’s Disease, but do you really want to know if you carry them?  The answer is yes and to the question is there anything that can be done, if you do?  The answer is a big yes, as well! 

Research is showing that early intervention to prevent Alzheimer’s and its memory loss works. But, how will you know if you should double-down on prevention, if you don’t know you’re at higher risk?  

Getting your genetics tested with saliva will let you know if you carry the main gene for Alzheimer’s, APOE e4. You get one gene from your father and one from our mother. Having one APOE e4 gene (+/-) increases your risk of developing Alzheimer’s two to threefold. If you have two APOE e4 genes (+/+), your risk is even higher, approximately eight to twelvefold.  

It used to be that learning about your personal genetics was expensive, but the price has come down. It’s now under $100 and to get a 10% discount at you could use the link off our Cutting Edge Health: Preventing Cognitive Decline website.  Scroll down at this URL until you see 23andme. 

Once you get your 23andme ancestry results, you’ll need to take another step to find your APOE e4 status. To get that, download your raw data from and upload it to the website.  On that site use Sterling’s App which is a tab on there. There is a payment needed. If I remember right, it’s around $20-$30.  You’ll get a pdf and several pages into it you’ll see your APOE e4 status.  Below is a link to the instructions that will help make this really easy.

If you have the APOE-4 allele (either +/+ or +/-) then welcome to the club! There’s A LOT you can do to prevent the development of Alzheimer’s and the earlier you start the better! 

You can get the latest scientific information on preventing and reversing the disease in its earlier stages by going to the Cutting Edge Health: Preventing Cognitive Decline podcast website at  and subscribing to our YouTube Channel or audio podcast. Links are on our website. 


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