July Research Round-Up: Preventing Cognitive Decline

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There are so many exciting nuggets of information coming out on how to prevent cognitive decline and increase our healthspans.  Given the busy summer season, we’ve compiled a convenient list of some of the most exciting findings.

If you can slow aging, research is showing you can prevent age-related diseases like dementia.  In these pictures you can really see the difference in the pace of aging of these superstars within the anti-aging space.
How Old are David Sinclair and Others, Biologically? My Study

I share this next article because my husband was recently prescribed Desatinib and Quercetin to help kill his zombie cells (senescent cells).  This is what the mice were prescribed in this research. I’m seeing more and more people with the goal of improving their healthspans considering doing something about their autophagy.
Evidence For Autophagy to be Important to Microglial Dysfunction in the Aged Brain

But, here’s a piece from New Scientist that warns not to try to treat senescent cells yourself:
Nipping Ageing in the Bud

This is interesting.
Centenarians say cigars, sex and coffee boosted their life expectancy

This is a remarkably good summary of the latest science into Alzheimer’s.
What Causes Alzheimer’s? Scientists Are Rethinking the Answer

Amino acid extended lives of mice and worms, and researchers plan more tests in people.
Is Taurine the Key to Longer Life? It Made Monkeys Healthier

Finally, I’ve been told that all the cells in your body turn over every 7 years.  There’s hope that small daily changes can have a big impact over time.


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