Game Changing Longevity and Healthspan Research

Exciting news has been confirmed in the effort to slow aging and prevent age-related diseases like Alzheimer’s.  It’s been reported that billions of dollars will now be available for longevity and healthspan research established by a Saudi Royal Decree.  The Saudi royal family has apparently heavily invested to create a new non–profit foundation called Hevolution, health + evolution = Hevolution.

It’s possibly the largest biotech longevity research outlay ever and could reach $20 billion dollars.  This dwarfs the budget of the entire US government when it comes to the biology of aging. Most of the National Institutes for Health’s $300 million dollar annual funding for aging research has been for Alzheimer’s which has yielded little. So, the money from the Middle East has the potential to be a game changer in the research field and possibly for humanity.

Rumored for the past year, this announcement of the new foundation’s focus was made May 26, 2022 at the American Aging Association’s annual conference in San Antonio, TX.

Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman is commonly known as MBS. He is believed to be the individual behind the Hevolution Foundation that will be launched in the next few weeks. According to this report from Rapamycin News, “This is truly a huge benefit for humankind and will help move the needle of healthcare worldwide from ‘sick care’ towards true ‘healthcare’, i.e. keeping people healthier longer and not just waiting for people to get sick and then treating their diseases.”

The longevity and healthspan sector has seen other large investments recently as billionaires appear to be taking this research focus to slow aging seriously.  In 2021 $2 billion in investment funding flowed into the sector. Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s founder, is behind Altos Labs.  Harvard’s David Sinclair, PhD, whose research we have featured on the Cutting Edge Health Preventing: Cognitive Decline Podcast in this episode and Dr. Peter Attia announced the launch of a $200 million venture last year.

These research investments have the potential to eventually help the average person beat age-related diseases like dementia.  That would be so very welcome for families like mine after the research to date has struggled to turn the tide on this terrible disease! 

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